Uncommonly Delicious Texas Delights

Some people spend their lives scouring the earth for oddities, whether that means natural phenomena like the Marfa lights, obscure plants such as the ghost orchid, or antiques like Napoleon’s sword that are so valuable they sell at auctions for millions of dollars. Then there is that rare breed of gourmand who is willing to spend their time and money traveling the globe in search of the most uncommonly delicious foods. These food fanatics seek out the most renowned chefs, sometimes dropping thousands of dollars for a prix fixe dinner that is vanquished in hours but lives on in memory and undoubtedly a stream of Instagram pics. However, if you are unable to venture to Japan for a bite of Jiro’s sushi or to Denmark for Chef Rene Redzepi’s famous The Hen and the Egg dish, then rest assured you can find a plethora of uniquely yummy dishes and gourmet products right here in Texas.

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