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La Panadería: Love in Every Loaf

By: Samantha Latta

If you are lucky this Valentine’s Day, cupid might find your perfect match. However, when you are looking for bread that brings love at first bite, no luck is needed to guarantee La Panadería will help you find the perfect batch! If chocolates and candy hearts are not quite your cup of tea, stop by David Cáceres Galicia’s San Antonio bakery, La Panadería, for sweet treats and fresh pastries that are sure to show your ‘butter’ half just how much you care.

Jenna Benty with Bread & Butter PR

As an international traveler and classically trained pastry chef, David brings world-class baking techniques and inspiration to Texas from all over the world. Coming from a baker with an undeniable passion for his expertise, you can rest assured that every item on the menu is made with love. 

David’s process itself shows the care and dedication that is whole-heartedly put into his work. Unlike many other bakeries, La Panadería has a 48-hour process for mixing and cooling their dough that allows the ingredients to incorporate beautifully, ensuring their reputable fresh taste in every product. Not only do they taste good, but David’s menu is also free of all preservatives and additives, making their products unique and natural too.

“We love what we do, and we are very passionate about it,” David said. “Before I go to sleep, I’m thinking about bread; when I wake up, I’m thinking about bread. We are always chasing something and looking for something better.”

One of his most popular Valentine’s Day items on the menu this year is the famous Raspberry Heart. Inspired by a similar product in Dubai that David stumbled upon during research, the Raspberry Heart is a meticulously handcrafted pastry that features homemade vanilla and wild berry mousse layered between soft sponge cake and finished with a white chocolate glaze. To bake this pastry to perfection, David uses new and modern techniques learned from a previous collaboration with French bakers to elevate the Raspberry Heart to its highest potential.

“You never know where inspiration is going to come from,” David said. “You just have to use it in your own way, with your own style every time you bake.”

You can get a taste for yourself at either of their two San Antonio locations, La Panadería Broadway (the original) – 8305 Broadway, and La Panadería Downtown (opened summer 2017) – 301 East Houston St. Visit their website at for more information.