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Texas Renaissance Festival Info and Giveaway!

Hear ye, hear ye! The annual Texas Renaissance Festival is soon to begin. Texasliving Magazine is giving away two 4-packs tickets for the opening weekend of the largest Ren Fair in the country! Explore dozens of world renown acts that pay homage to a time in our world’s history full of unique artistry, defining history, and wild entertainment. These tickets will grant you access to all of the opening weekend activities including the Baverian Oktoberfest where you’ll grab a Stein and fill it with one of the many choices of beer while enjoying some world-class ‘wurst

Other Feature Articles:

Modern Meets Eclectic at Second Bar + Kitchen

If you have an appetite for savory, seasonal dishes, you will be delighted to discover Second Bar + Kitchen’s two fabulous locations in Austin — downtown and Domain NORTHSIDE. Putting a tasteful twist on their menu items, Second Bar + Kitchen works hard to guarantee divine cuisine and sublime experiences to their guests.

Peculiar Town Names of Texas Parts I-V

In a state as big as Texas it is really not surprising that there are some mighty peculiar town names among the thousands of communities that make up this state! What is surprising however, are the mundane reasons for many of the odd-sounding choices. Of course there are also some very strange reasons for some very strange names!

Dine like a Texan: Berry Season is Upon Us.

With Texas’s prime berry season upon us, it only makes sense to take advantage of the most decadent dishes and drinks that the Lone Star State has to offer. From the traditional favorites to unique cuisine, there are several seasonal delights that must be enjoyed while they last! Whether you are a local, or just driving through, consider one of these spring time hot spots for a delicious treat!

The Texas State Parks App: Your Guide to Planning a Texas Vacation

As spring awakens Texas with blooming bluebonnets and warm, sunny days, there is no better time to head outdoors to a Texas State Park. More than 90 sites cover landscapes of canyons, beaches, sand hills, lakes, and rivers. Whether you are planning a quick outing to hit the trails or check out historic sites, or a camping vacation full of swimming, fishing, and s’mores, you will want to start by downloading the TX State Parks Official Guide, a free app that helps you find the perfect spot for your outdoor adventures.

Cantaloupe Salty Dog

If a fresh cantaloupe is the only way you have ever eaten the fruit, then you have missed out on some delicious sweets. Believe it or not, over the years cantaloupe has been used to make cakes, pies, cookies, jams, ice cream, and even cocktails! Grapefruit is the usual ingredient in a Salty Dog cocktail, but cantaloupe offers a unique change of flavor. Sweet cantaloupe, tangy lime, and a touch of wild honey vodka come together in this beautiful, refreshing drink.

Grand Hyatt San Antonio: Luxury Meets Convenience

To celebrate its tenth anniversary in March, Grand Hyatt San Antonio rolled out the carpet – the plush indigo carpet that is, one of many fresh features in its recently remodeled guest rooms. The updates are part of a $19 million project completed earlier this year that includes renovations of the rooms and suites, corridors, lobby, bar, and meeting spaces.


Heroes of Harvey: A six part series

Though there are many unsung heroes that made a difference in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Texasliving uses this special feature series, Heroes of Harvey, to shed light on a few heart-warming stories that showcase the Texan spirit. Within this six-part series, stories emerge from the wrath of the storm that restore hope for many Texans, due to the selfless acts and kind gestures displayed in a time of need. 

The Wit, Grit, and Wisdom of Aaron Watson

When his luck ran dry in Nashville, Texas country music artist Aaron Watson still chose to view his cup half full rather than half empty. Creating a brand free from the bounds of a record label, Watson found favorable success in a career he built himself against all odds that claimed he never could. Through the journey of it all, the Honky Tonk Kid has become a living legacy as a husband, father, musician, and man.

Food and Fun for Texas Friends and Family

With summer right around the corner, it is time to start planning fun activities for the family and free time with friends! Texas offers some of the tastiest barbecue and soothing water spots around, setting the stage for blissful summer days and memories that will last a lifetime!