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Photo Courtesy of: Butch Ireland

Building Your Home: Part Two

Written By: Chris Grubbs, based on Building Your Home by Kristina Leigh Wiggins

Select a Builder – Then a Designer

“Rule Number One: Find your builder before your designer and have them involved in the design process from the very first meeting. This will ensure that you have an extra, independent set of eyes on your plans so that nothing is missed.”

In chapter five of her book Building Your Home, Kristina explains the importance of building the relationship with your builder and designer, and why it is essential to follow that order. A lot of times folks will start their projects by going to a designer and then the builder, but Kristina explains that this can backfire on your budget. The designer needs to have something more concrete on which to base the actual design, otherwise everyone involved could end up wasting time and resources trying to rearrange everything to properly fit the final adjustments.  To go further, Kristina discusses how you can find the right builder and designer through your own investigating. She encourages you to ask questions and gather information. In her book, she provides in note pages to organize all that you need to make the right decisions.

  • What were the costs per square foot of your most recent home?
  • Have your most recent homes come at or near the estimated budget?
  • Did your most recent homes reach completion at or near the estimated timeline?

These are just a few of the essential questions Kristina encourages you to ask your builder. With both them and the designer, make sure that you cover essential questions about budgetary items, timelines, and past jobs of which they have been a part. You also want to be able to reach out to their recent clients for further opinions. However, Kristina also emphasizes that every situation is different, and it may not always be this way. This is simply a common method of getting started and doing things in a safe and easy way.