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box with brown craft paper

Creative Gift Wrapping

Written by: Simmie Myers

Gift wrapping season is upon us once again. Instead of dreading the often-daunting task, use it as an opportunity to make each gift a customized representation of your style and holiday spirit. Here are some tips to make sure your holiday wrapping is the show stopper at every holiday event you attend.

• RUN (do not walk) to your local crafting supply store and buy brown craft paper or butcher block paper! There are countless ways to use this paper for custom gift wrapping.

gift with burlap string

• To create a delicate pattern on your paper, roll it out on a flat surface, set lace over the entirety of the exposed paper, and spray with any color paint. This will leave you with a custom-designed wrapping paper. You can also create this effect with a stencil (or free handed) design you wish to incorporate.

• The eraser on a pencil is the perfect size for creating uniform polka dots. Just dip the tip of your eraser into your chosen paint and quickly tap it onto your paper. Use a ruler to make more uniform polka dots or place them randomly on the paper. Paint pens and vintage chalk-based paints are also ideal for creating clean designs.

• To add some texture to this more rustic design, wrap your gift using the solid paper and then wrap the present in burlap or strips of ticking stripe that have been brushed with a light layer of glitter. Tie beads or glue rhinestones into your bow to add a bit of shine.

• Load up on every fabric you never knew you needed. Fabric is an amazing tool to have in your gift-wrapping arsenal. Tulle makes beautiful bows when you are short on time but are still looking for big impact. For extra shine, look for different sheens that sparkle. Stop by the floral department and pick up some greenery and berry sprigs to incorporate into your bows. This looks especially beautiful layered in with the fabric.

• Go chalkboard! For something truly unique and completely unexpected, purchase a large roll of black craft paper (at your local craft store or online) and various sizes of white paint pens.  Using your pens, write names, draw pictures, write out verses or special memories directly on the black paper. Let everything dry and wrap your present. Your final product will have a one-of-a-kind chalkboard look. Set off the black and white with twine, bright red ribbons, or lace sprayed in glitter gold for the perfect holiday aesthetic.

• When in doubt, use mason jars! Every year people end up with special gifts like jewelry, scarves, or even tickets for special events. When you do not want those precious gifts lost in the crowd of other bags and small boxes, use mason jars. Paint the entire jar a solid red, let it dry, and then use painter’s tape to stripe the jar. Spray the jar again with a shiny gold. Once that is dry, remove the tape.  You will be left with a striking jar that is perfect for a small gift. Use different colors and patterns to best suit your holiday theme. Add a specialty seal, a printed sticker for the top of the jar, a small copy of your Christmas card, or a sweet note to the recipient. Tie with a fun mix of fabrics and ribbons and your glass gift is complete.

gift with tag

• Never forget about gift tags. Instead of using store-bought gift tags, make your own this holiday season. Using specialty scissors and shaped paper cutters, cut fabric, book pages, cardstock, printed cards, or unique boxes for your tag. With markers and paint, you can monogram the tag to personalize it. Then tie it to your packages with ribbons or twine. Sew or glue on embellishments and tie a small ornament with the tag. Another option is to use your Christmas card and have specialty printing companies create your desired shape and size for your tags.

• Feel free to step back from solely using Christmas prints. Make your gifts special by using stripes, chevron, polka dots, and animal prints in your design. Your friends and family will appreciate the change up and your gift will stand out. Do not be scared to be fun and whimsical, especially when wrapping children’s gifts. This is Texas, after all – even in gift wrapping, bigger is always better.

You do not have to completely abandon store bought wrapping paper! Holiday wrapping paper offers a wide range of possibilities in your gift presentation, but the key is to mix and match. Choose prints and solids that complement each other and create interesting looks when paired together. Keep in mind that choosing only one paper to try for a “clean” look might appear monotonous. When using ribbons from the wrapping aisle, mix and match! Grab different widths, sheens, colors, and textures, but steer clear of stick-on bows or pre-tied arrangements. Mix twine with large wired edged ribbon to make large bows.