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Custom Homes of Texas

By: Megan Ann Oswald

Looking for a large lot that was still close to town, Jenny Tamplin and her family found the perfect setting just outside of College Station in which to build their 3,700-square-foot, four bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom home. One of the best parts of building her own home is that Jenny is an interior designer and was able to put her own unique touches throughout the entire house.

Because entertaining friends and family are a big part of their lives, Jenny wanted to have a home that flowed well and allowed guests to feel at home while moving throughout the different rooms. She wanted each space to have a cozy, comfortable feeling that would invite people to feel at home and relax. “I didn’t want it to feel like a museum; like no one lived here.”

One way that Jenny created an inviting home was through her use of bright colors and bold prints. Each room is a fun and unique space; however, elements found in every area provide a transition from one area to the next, tying into the overarching style without feeling chaotic. Because of her work as a designer, Jenny was able to create settings that suited her personal tastes, which were exhibited across large areas of the home. Interestingly enough, one of the harder decisions that Jenny had to make was the use of the cream-colored walls and cabinetry.

With the layout of the house taking up less square footage than their previous home, Jenny wanted to make every space functional and make every inch of wall count. Slashing any dead space found in the plans before building, they were able to take advantage of every nook and “have every area serve a purpose.” Her favorite hideaway underneath the stairway was converted to a bar and beverage center, fondly referred to as “the Harry Potter nook.” While the underside of the stairs may certainly be a talking point when it comes to this house, the entire staircase area is sure to inspire some enthusiasm as well. Under the window of the stairway landing is a built-in window seat with custom fabric and a fun, patterned wallpaper, making another bold statement.

When it comes to wallpaper that truly makes a statement, the entryway is no exception, showing off bold, floral prints that are both classically timeless and currently on-trend. The warm hues in the walls perfectly complement the red front door. A play of the lively walls, a round entryway table is the perfect spot for a large, verdant floral arrangement.

While magenta walls, red couches, and checkered tile are all pleasantly striking, the dining area offers up a more subdued look, featuring muted colors and plus linens and cushions. Homey touches include a rustic table, personalized linens, and a plate collection displayed on the wall, which plays on the color palette found throughout the rest of the home.

No matter where the eye wanders, there seems to be a pleasant design surprise in Jenny’s home. In the office, ornate gold shelving in the corner provides a great spot to display books and photographs and is perfect to house a drink service. Backed against light green wallpaper, the gold stands out in contrast to the dark hardwood floors. In another room, a rattan chair hangs whimsically from the ceiling, offering a cozy place to sit and rock while reading or listening to music. The wide-spaced weave of the rattan provides an unobstructed view, helping to enlarge the corner and provide an uncluttered feel.

One of the family’s favorite spots to hang out is the patio area around the custom-designed pool. Because the family is originally from West Texas, Jenny wanted to incorporate as many trees and rock formations as possible to create a pool that looked like a natural spring. Another addition to the outdoor living space is the covered patio. Brightly colored furniture is set against a beautiful white background with a large stone fireplace.

The Tamplins love to host outdoor parties and family events, all of which flow smoothly because of the way the house and backyard areas are designed and used. While there are plenty of places for quiet conversation throughout the house, inevitably everyone ends up gathered around the kitchen island talking and swapping stories.

With a flood of light pouring in through the windows highlighting the vivid color palate chosen by Jenny, this is a home that takes advantage of transitional furnishings and daring design choices, resulting in a particularly gorgeous and enticing atmosphere.