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About Texasliving

We want to thank you for your interest in Texasliving magazine. Since the inception of Texasliving, we have held onto a few guiding principles that continue to set us apart from other magazine publications. Some of these principles are rarely found in the world of media today, but as we reflect on our growth and acceptance in the marketplace, it is evident that consumers acknowledge and appreciate the quality and difference that Texasliving offers.

With editorial integrity being of utmost importance, our home and lifestyle magazine places very clear boundaries between ad space and editorial content. This means that none of our articles are influenced by advertisers. While many other publications are full of display ads and advertorials, our articles are uninterrupted and easy to identify. We place limits on the amount of available ad space as to not clutter the magazine. Furthermore, all advertisers and ads are subject to publisher approval and held to a higher standard than found in other media.

We hope you enjoy our magazine!

Publisher/CEO: Mike Padgett

As the Publisher and CEO, Mike is responsible for casting vision and guiding the ship of Texasliving. As a former VP of sales for a large print media company, Mike brings over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing to the forefront of the company. Mike began Texasliving out of his home office as a one-man crew and has been responsible for getting the company to where it is today.

Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: Ashley Sullivan

The editor-in-chief (EIC) is responsible for overseeing the editing team and ensures consistent quality throughout the publication.  The EIC participates in monthly planning meetings where article pitches are presented and fleshed out. They have final say on all article design work.  They make sure that the design of each article is up to the RGP Media quality standard and will request changes as needed. The EIC also does a final proofing of each issue once the article is designed.  The content must be relevant to the topic at hand and be free of any grammatical mistakes.

Managing Editor: Claire Wilson

The managing editor is responsible for the planning of each issue as well as developing and maintaining relationships with the team of freelance writers and editors. While the editing team holds monthly planning meetings, the managing editor is responsible for keeping notes and writing out the planned article calendar.  The managing editor is responsible for onboarding all new writers. They review a candidate’s resume and writing samples, hash out their initial writing topic, negotiate the pay rate, and edit the submission. Once it is determined that the writer meets the RGP quality standard then it is the managing editor’s responsibility to maintain the relationship with that writer and assign topics as needed. The managing editor’s other main responsibility is completing the first round of edits, this is where heavy edits usually come into play.  While still maintaining the author’s voice and tone, the managing editor ensures that the article flows and is free of grammatical errors. They also verify that the article is free of plagiarism and is original work.

Production Team

Production Director: Amanda Hoevelman

The production director oversees our production and graphics teams to make sure the advertisements in our publications are produced on time and to our clients’ expectations. The production director leads our team in customer service as our ‘go-to’ customer problem-solver and serves as liaison between clients and our graphics department.


Production Manager/Logistics Coordinator: Cara Dyer

The production manager coordinates between clients and the design team to create ads. It is also the role of the production manager to handle customer service issues that may arise with their clients. The logistics coordinator ensures that clients, subscribers and mailing lists get their copies each month and that we are ordering magazines in the right counts. Cara worked in our office for a year-and-a-half before relocating to Manhattan, KS for her husband’s education.


Production Manager: Rebecca Neighbors

Rebecca was Texasliving’s first employee! She now works as a production manager from her home in McAllen, TX. She is responsible for coordinating between our clients and our design team on the creation of ads.

Graphics Team

Lead Graphic Designer: Chrissy White

The lead graphic designer spearheads the graphic needs as a whole. The lead is responsible for delegating projects as necessary and making sure that all pieces adhere to the RGP standards. The lead compiles the magazine as a whole at the end of the priduction cycle and is responsible for uploading files to the printer.

Graphic Designer: Jenny Stauffer

The graphic designer works closely with the production team and lead graphic designer to create ads for clients each month. The graphic designer also contributes to the design of monthly Texasliving content.

Marketing Team

Marketing Coordinator: Austin Contrestano

The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for strategy and implementation of all marketing initiatives to include: all forms of digital marketing, social media, email marketing, campaign development, video production, etc.

Sales Team

Director of Sales: Bobby Jones

The Director of Sales is responsible for managing… As a Texas Tech alumnus, and former sales manager for Hurst, Bobby joined Texasliving in 2013, bringing nearly 25 years of experience in sales to the team. In his spare time, Bobby can mostly be found on the golf course, giving explanation to his +6 handicap.