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About Texasliving

We want to thank you for your interest in Texasliving magazine. Since the inception of Texasliving, we have held onto a few guiding principles that continue to set us apart from other magazine publications. Some of these principles are rarely found in the world of media today, but as we reflect on our growth and acceptance in the marketplace, it is evident that consumers acknowledge and appreciate the quality and difference that Texasliving offers.

With editorial integrity being of utmost importance, our home and lifestyle magazine places very clear boundaries between ad space and editorial content. This means that none of our articles are influenced by advertisers. While many other publications are full of display ads and advertorials, our articles are uninterrupted and easy to identify. We place limits on the amount of available ad space as to not clutter the magazine. Furthermore, all advertisers and ads are subject to publisher approval and held to a higher standard than found in other media.

We hope you enjoy our magazine!