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Building Your Home: Part Four

Written by: Chris Grubbs, based on Building Your Home by Kristina Leigh Wiggins | Photo Courtesy of: Butch Ireland

Determine Your Style

“It doesn’t have to be a strict description, and it may evolve as your plans evolve, but it is important to at least make a first run at it.”

From the exterior and the interior, Leigh explains the part of building your home that allows you to be creative. Designing your home to fit your personality while matching it to the local area is a bit more work than one would think, but it still isn’t extremely difficult. To pin down the style you would like to approach the project with, Leigh suggests doing research online on websites such as, where you can find ideas for every corner of your property. If you would prefer a more realistic approach, tour the area of your lot and get a feel for the local style. Every house and situation are different, as is each person’s taste. That is why Leigh also provides you with guides of clear, illustrated examples of different home styles, including Plantation and French Country. These help you put names to the styles that catch your eye so that you can take better notes during your creative process.

Ultimately, these choices are yours to make with the advice of your builder and designer. What you create with your time and budget will evolve as your project evolves, but this part is mostly focused on getting a sense of direction for what fits you best.