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Building Your Home: Part One

Written By: Chris Grubbs, based on Building Your Home by Kristina Leigh Wiggins

Kristina on Details

In her book, Wiggins goes into detail on a wide variety of home designing topics. Much of her advice can be summarized into one to two pages because she has a talent for getting to the point and giving you the information that you need to get started without overwhelming you. In doing this, she can cover ground not often considered in the home designing process until later but essential nonetheless. For example, within just two pages, Kristina discusses ceiling treatments and the basic rules for approaching this project in realistic ways that do not sacrifice any creativity. Among the basic rules, she begins by explaining that the treatment should quite simply be about giving life to the room.

“Your goal should be to enhance the room by adding excitement to the ceiling and not making it unpleasant to be in.”

She delved into why this is so important while also advising that you, as the designer and home owner, want to avoid doing the same thing in every room because it can cost you both money and aesthetic quality. Kristina does a phenomenal job of speaking as both a professional and as someone who lives to help others understand how to build their dream home. It is clear that time and effort went into this book because she writes as though she were guiding you on a personal level.