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Photo Courtesy of: Butch Ireland

Building Your Home: Part Three

Written By: Chris Grubbs, based on Building Your Home by Kristina Leigh Wiggins

Selecting the Best Lot

“Put on your lab coat and get into research mode!”

Throughout her book, Kristina stresses the importance of doing research. In this chapter, all that research is about where you’re building your home. When it comes to building your home, your first task is to select the best lot on which to build it. Kristina begins her book by walking you through the most efficient process for finding the perfect location for your new home. Finding the right lot is an essential first step because it plans out not only the construction of your home but also your future there.

The first thing she discusses is how important it is to get a feel for your routine commutes from the lot you’re considering. How long does it take you to get to work? To the store and nearest restaurants? To church? If you have kids or plan on having them, how far are the nearest schools? You’ll want to time these drives at different times of the day, namely during rush hours, so that you get a proper feel for how long they can really be. If poor weather is a factor in the area, like if it frequently snows or rains, try to see how long those drives will be.

Next research the history of the area, as well as its possible future. Is there a high crime rate? Are the schools held to a high standard? What about property values, your neighbors, and even upcoming developments nearby, whether they are real estate, entertainment, or food? These are just a few key items from the many that Kristina listed on the note pages of this chapter to help you keep track of the information you’re gathering.