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The Art of Donut: Sweet Treats with a Twist

Written by: Allison Henley

Photos Courtesy of: Miguel Aja Perochena and Andrea A. Aguirre

The next time your sweet tooth gets the best of you and you are in or near San Antonio, The Art of Donut should be your next stop! This charming shop has donut flavors for everyone, and even creates new ones monthly.

Owners Miguel Aja Perochena and Andrea A. Aguirre were inspired to create The Art of Donut  while on a family trip to California, where they visited several unforgettable donut shops. This trip, combined with their personal love for donuts, motivated them to move forward with crafting their own unique brand and style. Additionally, Miguel has the affinity for baking in his blood, being a fourth-generation baker. His grandfather came to Mexico from Spain and opened several bakeries, so Miguel was easily persuaded to follow in his footsteps. Miguel and Andrea were captivated by working with yeast—at how complicated it could be, but once understood, how artsy. Thus, the shop’s name—The Art of Donut was born. This notion of creativity is seen in the foundation of the shop, as the owners describe it: “We wanted to go far and beyond the typical donut shop with the regular glazings and toppings.”

This sentiment is evident in the captivatingly unique donut flavors of their shop. One of the biggest sellers is the Maple Bacon Sweet Pig, combining a maple glaze with a piece of cooked bacon on top. Another best-seller is the Chipmunk, which uses Nutella spread as icing and pieces of luxurious Ferrero Rocher chocolates as sprinkles. The menu rotates often, but current seasonal flavors include Mojito, Pina Colada, and Hibiscus. In the coming months, be on the lookout for the return of a favorite—the Snow White, which has a delectable raspberry cream cheese icing, as well as the introduction of a new donut—the Cajeta, which is a typical candy from Mexico made from goat milk, similar to dulce de leche.

Donuts are made out of yeast, cake, or pretzel doughs; however, they do offer vegan donuts, made only on Saturdays or for special order. In addition to donuts, The Art of Donut boasts a full coffee bar and breakfast sandwiches, served on their yeast and pretnut (pretzel dough) breads. Memorable coffee flavors include maple bacon and Nutella lattes. Milk is also available to wash down these delicious flavors, including a creation called “cereal milk” (pictured), which consists of sweetened milk topped with cereal. Everything is made from scratch, in-house at the shop location, beginning at 3 a.m. every day.  The shop remains open daily (except Mondays, when closed) until food is sold out.

This charming donut shop claims on their website to be “committed to creating unforgettable memories by combining new and distinctive flavors along with presenting an atmosphere that will bring about a smile to anyone who walks through the door.” Check them out for yourself and experience their unique twist on a comfort food in a cozy and creative environment that will have you planning your next visit before you even leave!

Additionally, The Art of Donut caters to many events, including birthday parties, weddings, and gender reveals. Do not let your favorite event go by without considering how impressively impacted it might be by these delicious and unique donuts!

The Art of Donut is located at 3428 N St. Mary’s Street in San Antonio, Texas. Visit their website at and find them on Instagram and Facebook with @theartofdonut.